Salary and welfare

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Salary Standard

The salaries of our employees are set according to the strategy of the company's salary system, the government salary in the region, the complexity of the work, the level of responsibility and the professional skills. The salary is agreed between the company and the employee, and an employment contract is signed between the two parties.

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Salary payment

1. Pay day: within any day in the second half of each month, depending on the actual situation.
2. In principle, the resigned employee shall receive the salary in person. If he/she cannot receive the salary in person under special circumstances, he/she shall fill in the letter of authorization for salary collection, which shall be signed by both the resigned employee and the commissioned person, and reviewed by the manager of the Administrative Department and the Manager of the relevant department, and then paid by the Financial Department on schedule. 

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Basic salary

Applicable standards: standard working hour system, flexible working hour system, combined working hour system and salary calculation on a piecework basis. The basic salary is calculated based on the average monthly working days specified in the national regulations, and the holiday salary is calculated according to the national regulations.

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Food and accommodation

1. We provide dormitories for our employees free of charge, but the water and electricity charges are shared equally by the staff in each room of the dormitory. Rooms are equipped with cabinets, electrical appliances and other facilities according to company rules. Room facilities vary depending on the position level, and there is no additional charge.

2. After completing the necessary paperwork for employment, employees are free to select whether they want to eat in the company canteen or not. 

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Entertainment areas

We built up entertainment areas, such as basketball, badminton, billiards, table tennis, Internet cafes, and TVs of each dormitory level, which are free for all employees to use in order to enhance their free time. Additionally, we will set up more welfare and entertainment areas such as Internet cafes and supermarkets.

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Social insurance

We purchase social insurance for employees according to relevant national regulations.

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